Soup & Sound Recordings

SOUP & SOUND RECORDINGS is changing its name to DIFFERENT TRACK RECORDINGS. By either name it is a non-profit, artist-run record label that will be expanding in catalog in March, 2018. Stay tuned…in the near future we plan to make additional recordings and videos available from the Soup & Sound house concert series, Andrew Drury’s archive, and other sources–as cds and in other formats.


Coming soon…

RESONANT BODIES, THAW (DTR 50004)–featuring Stephanie Richards (trumpets), Andrew Drury (floor tom & timpani)

Andrew Drury’s CONTENT PROVIDER, Try (DTR 50003) featuring Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone, guitar), Ingrid Laubrock (soprano & tenor saxophones), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Andrew Drury (drums, compositions)

Andrew Drury THE DRUM (S&S 50002) solo floor tom

“…an ingenious work that highlights Drury’s fertile imagination, audacious musicianship, and unparalleled virtuosity.” Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

Andrew Drury CONTENT PROVIDER (S&S 50001) featuring Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone), Ingrid Laubrock (tenor saxophone), Brandon Seabrook (guitar), Andrew Drury (drums, compositions)

“Top Ten CD of 2015” NYC Jazz Record, Andrey Henkin