Past Shows



December 22, 2017 #100: Piano Series/International Cultural Exchange–CANADA

ML                                                                   piano (Toronto)

Ken Filiano                                                     bass

Lou Grassi                                                      drums


November 17, 2017 #99: Piano Series


Noah Baerman/Rani Arbo Duo

Rani Arbo                                                      voice, guitar, fiddle

Noah Baerman                                              piano, voice, guitar


Trio 149

Jen Allen                                                        piano

Noah Baerman                                               organ, synthesizer

Curtis Nowosad                                             drums




November 12, 2017 #98

Patrick Brennan’s Transparency Arkestra

We Free Strings



November 10, 2017 #97: Multi-Media

Telepathic Television

Robert Dick                                                   flutes

Andrew Drury                                               percussion

Joshua Ott                                                    3D animation



October 28, 2017 #96 International Exchange–Argentina

LC                                                                 saxophones

FG                                                                 piano

JC                                                                 electronics 

Guillermo Gregorio                                     clarinet


October 28, 2017 #95: Special Event

Chef/author/musician and host of our sister house concert series in Oakland, CA–Philip Gelb–cooks a special vegan meal.

Sameer Gupta, of Brooklyn Raga Massive, leads his group in “A Circle Has No Beginning.” Musicians tba.



September, 9, 2017 #94: International Cultural Exchange/Multi-Media


Dafna Naphtali                                             electronics

Gordon Beeferman                                      piano


duo B

Lisa Mezzacappa (SF)                                  bass

Jason Levis (SF)                                          drums


Marco Capelli                                                guitar

Andrea Pennisi (VJ Lapsus)                        visuals (Catania, ITALY) 

Sundubu Jjigae



August 31, 2017 #93: International Exchange–Korea/Japan

Seungmin Cha                                                daegeum (Seoul)

Ami Yamasaki                                                 voice (Tokyo)

Yoon Sun Choi                                                voice

Jason Kao Hwang                                           viola

Tomeka Reid                                                   cello

Stephen Haynes                                             cornet

Ben Stapp                                                       tuba

Tomas Fujiwara                                              drums

Andrew Drury                                                 floor tom

Sundubu Jjigae (Korean soft tofu soup)


July 29, 2017 #92: International Exchange–Argentina

Paula Shocron                                               piano (Buenos Aires)

Pablo Diaz                                                      drums (Buenos Aires)

Miguel Crozzoli                                             tenor saxophone (Dublin)

Jamie Branch                                                trumpet

Lee Odom                                                      clarinet/saxophone

Guillermo Gregorio                                       clarinet


Aunt Magda’s Hungarian Cold Cherry Soup


June 25, 2017, #91

DRUM SERIES: Michael Wimberly

Michael Wimberly                                         djembe, piano, drum set



Paul Harding                                                 poetry



June 8, 2017, #90: Piano Series/International Cultural Exchange–Germany

Ursel Schlicht (Kassel)                                 solo piano


Jazzquartett Dimensionality 

Ursel Schlicht (Kassel)                                 piano

Andrea Wolper                                             voice

Ken Filiano                                                    bass

Lou Grassi                                                     drums



May 17, 2017, #89–International Exchange: Switzerland/Spain


Trio Elgar (Zürich)

Hans Koch                                                     bass clarinet

Florian Stoffner                                             guitar

Lionel Friedli                                                 drums


Wade Matthews                                            electronics (Madrid)

Trio Elgar’s performance supported by Pro Helvetia, Kanton Zürich, SIS, Kanton Biel, City of Bern. This concert was part of the PLG Arts Music Festival

chicken curry w/ grapes



April 28, 2017, #88


Hank Roberts                                                cello

Andrew Drury                                              percussion


Jason Kao Hwang’s Sing House–cd release performance

Jason Kao Hwang                                         violin, viola, compositions

Steve Swell                                                     trombone

Chris Forbes                                                  piano

Ken Filiano                                                    bass

Andrew Drury                                              drums

tom yum soup



April 7, 2017, #87


Fay Victor                                                      voice

Denman Maroney                                         hyperpiano

Mark Dresser                                                contrabass (San Diego)


Jason Weiss                                                   reading


Thai chicken soup–tomatoes, chilis, green onion, galangal, keffir lime leaves, fish sauce, garlic, onion, cinnamon, lemon, Trini hard dough




March 25, 2017, #86–International Cultural Exchange: Germany


Nicola Hein                                                    guitar (Berlin)

Hans Tammen                                               electronics

David Rothenberg                                        bass clarinet, clarinet, bird calls


Daniel Levin                                                  cello (Connecticut)

Chris Pitsiokos                                              alto saxophone

Sam Pluta                                                      electronics


mulligatawny soup & rice


January 28, 2017, #85


Dana Jessen                                                   bassoon, electronics

Erica Dicker                                                    violin

Paula Matthusen                                            electronics

Andrew Drury                                                 percussion

            *Dana Jessen Carve CD release


Briggan Krauss String & Reed Quartet

Briggan Krauss                                             guitar, alto saxophone

Shoko Nagai                                                  piano, electronics

Kirk Knuffke                                                  cornet

Andrew Drury                                                drum set





January 20, 2017, #84


JD Parran & Harlem Reunion

JD Parran                                                      multi-winds, percussion

Alexis Marcelo                                               piano

Larry Roland                                                bass, poetry

Syd Smart                                                      percussion (Boston)


chili & cornbread, Susan Landry’s chocolate/carmel crack cookies, salad



December 10, 2016 #83–International Cultural Exchange: Germany/Bulgaria/Austria/Denmark


Michael Thieke                                              clarinet (Berlin)

Biliana Voutchkova                                      violin (Berlin)



Bernadette Zeilinger                                     recorder (Vienna)

Diego Mune                                                   guitar (Vienna)


Skyggerige Saxophone Quartet

Louise D. E. Jensen                                      saxophone (Denmark)

Matt Nelson                                                   saxophone

Chris Pitsiokis                                               saxophone

Tamio Shiraishi                                             saxophone




December 3, #82–International Cultural Exchange: Mexico


Jay Clayton                                                   voice

Ken Filiano                                                    bass


Milo Tamez                                                    percussion (Mexico)

Angelica Sanchez                                        piano

Andrew Drury                                               percussion




October 1, #81


Howard Johnson                                          tuba, baritone sax, penny whistle

Diane Moser                                                  piano

Ken Filiano                                                    bass

Andrew Drury                                               drums


pozole rojo, agua de jamaica




Septemer 25, #80



Steve Dalachinsky                                         poetry

Joe McPhee                                                    saxophone, poetry

Andrew Drury                                                drums, poetry


potato leek soup




August 27,  #79–International Cultural Exchange: Norway


Steve Swell                                                     trombone

Frode Gjerstad                                               saxophones, clarinet  (Stavanger)


gazpacho, potato salad




July 20, #78–International Cultural Exchange: Argentina, Mexico, Sweden


Pablo Diaz                                                      drums (Buenos Aires)

Paula Shocron                                               piano (Buenos Aires)

Daniel Carter                                                 multiple horns

Matt Lavelle                                                   trumpet, bass clarinet


Wilfrido Terrazas                                          flute (Mexico)

Stephanie Griffin                                          viola


Katt Hernandez                                             violin (Stockholm)

Ras Moshe                                                     saxophones/flute

Andrew Drury                                               drums


gazpacho, agua de jamaica




June 25, 8pm #77

Adam Matlock                                              solo accordion (New Haven)


Alexis Marcelo                                               solo piano


Tom Blancarte                                               bass

Sean Ali                                                          bass

Brandon Lopez                                             bass




May 20, 8pm #76–International Cultural Exchange: Belgium


Thomas Buckner                                          voice

Robert Dick                                                   flutes


Steve Swell                                                     trombone

Teun Verbruggen                                           drums (Belgium)


Telepathic Television

Robert Dick                                                   flutes

Andrew Drury                                               floor tom

Joshue Ott                                                    live animation



April 1, 8pm #75–International Cultural Exchange: Germany, Ireland


Sarah Bernstein’s Unearthish

Sarah Bernstein                                            violin, voice, poetry, electronics

Satoshi Takeishi                                            percussion


Ursel Schlicht                                                piano (Kassel, Germany)

Stephanie Griffin                                          viola

Catherine Sikora                                           saxophones (Cork, Ireland)

Adam Lane                                                    bass

Andrew Drury                                               drums



March 8, 7pm #74


Blood of the Stars

Erica Dicker                                                   violin

Dan Peck                                                        tuba


Briggan Krauss solo                                     alto saxophone/electronics


Sarah Manning’s Underground Alchemy

Sarah Manning                                             alto saxophone

Briggan Krauss                                             guitar

Simon Jermyn                                               bass

Gerald Cleaver                                              drums


Vegetarian curry lentil soup



February 5, 2016 #73


Terrence McManus                                       guitar/electronics


Far Cry Flutes

Jessica Lurie                                                  flutes

Robert Dick                                                   flutes

Jamie Baum                                                   flutes

Elsa Nilsson                                                   flutes


Mushroom Soup

Presented in conjunction with the Composers Now Festival



January 18, 2016 #72–International Cultural Exchange: Mexico


Trio Bajadelphia

Flandrew Fleisenberg           percussion (Philadelphia

Ivan Trujillo                          trumpet/electronics (Ensenada, Mexico)

Edwin Montes                       guitar (Ensenada, Mexico)


Jorrit Dijkstra                       lyricon (Boston/Netherlands)


Tomeka Reid                         cello (Chicago)

JD Parran                              multi-reeds

Kris Davis                              piano

Andrew Drury                       drums


West African peanut/tomato/yam soup



December 20, 2015 #71–International Cultural Exchange: France



Tatsuya Nakatani                 percussion (Easton, PA)

Michel Doneda                      soprano saxophone (Toulouse, France)


Tatsuya Nakatani                 percussion (Easton, PA)

Michel Doneda                      soprano saxophone (Toulouse, FR)

Jason Kao Hwang                 violin

Ingrid Laubrock                   tenor saxophone

Sara Schoenbeck                   bassoon

Michael Foster                       soprano saxophone

Louise D. E. Jensen              alto saxophone

Jamie Branch                        trumpet

Brandon Lopez                     bass

Andrew Drury                      floor tom


Pozole blanco



December 10, 2015 #70


Royal Hartigan’s Blood, Drum, Spirit

David Bindman                     tenor saxophone

Art Hirahara                         piano

Wes Brown                            bass (Northhampton, MA)

Royal Hartigan                      drums (U Mass Dartmouth)


Tomato, okra, peanut butter

Presented in cooperation with U Mass Dartmouth



December 8, 2015 #69


Hill Greene                             bass solo


Andrew Lamb                       saxophones

Andrew Drury                      drum set


Mulligatawny soup



December 4, 2015, #68


Brooklyn Infinity Orchestra

Stephanie Griffin                  viola

Michael Bates            bass

Michael Attias                       alto saxophone

David Bindman                     tenor saxophone

Thomas Heberer                   cornet

Jen Baker                               trombone

Andrew Drury                      drums


Pozole rojo

*several world premieres of compositions by Bindman, Drury, Griffin, Heberer



November 14, 2015 #67



Tim Daisy                  solo percussion (Chicago)


Andrew Drury          solo percussion


Mushroom soup



October 11, 2015 #66–Colombia

Ricardo Arias            electronics (Bogota)

Alex Waterman         cello

Andrew Drury          floor tom


Arias performs courtesy of Universidad de los Andes



October 2, 2015 #65–International Cultural Exchange: Mexico

Wilfrido Terrazas      flutes (Mexico)

Stephanie Griffin      viola

Peter Zummo             trombone

Chuck Verstraeten   voice (Albany)

Andrew Drury          percussion


Curry lentil soup w/ coconut milk, tomatoes, peanut butter

Terrazas performs courtesy of FONCA




September 26, 2015, #64

Paul Austerlitz                       bass clarinet (Gettysburg, PA)

JD Parran                              clarinets

Sean Sonderegger                 clarinets

Isaiah Richardson                clarinets

Ivan Baremboim                   clarinets

Royal Hartigan                      drums

Alexis Marcelo                       piano

Kevin Ray                              bass


Curry lentil soup w/ coconut milk, peanut butter, and tomatoes



Sept 16, 2015 Soup & Sound, #63–International Cultural Exchange: Sweden

Johannes Bergmark             amplified objects (Stockholm)

Shelley Hirsch                        voice

Terrence McManus               guitar

Michael Evans                       percussion

Andrew Drury                      percussion


Chicken, chilis, lime soup w/ tortillas




Sept 15, 2015 #62

Vinny Golia                           bass clarinet, sopranino & baritone saxes, piccolo (LA)

Connie Crothers                   piano 

Ken Filiano                            bass

Michael T. A. Thompson     drums, slit drum, gongs


Minestrone soup. 2 hot loaves of Hard Loaf from Allen’s bakery



August 2, 2015 #61

Phillip Greenlief                     tenor saxophone (California)

Ken Filiano                            bass

Andrew Drury                      drums


Chicken curry w/ cinnamon



July 3, 2015 #60


Mikro Trio

Sara Schoenbeck       bassoon

Jen Baker                   trombone

Stephanie Richards  trumpet


+Andrew Drury        floor tom (sat in on Sara Schoenbeck’s piece written for this band)


Mikro Trio is named after Bartok’s Mikrokosmos and played their arrangements of pieces of it.


Aunt Magda’s Hungarian cold cherry soup. Grilled BBQ chicken, hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, watermelon. JD Parran brought & supervised the chicken.



June 14, 2015 #59


Kyoko Kitamura       voice

Ingrid Laubrock       saxophones

Ken Filiano                bass

(Connie Crothers and Andrew Drury joined for a fourth piece during the set)


Connie Crothers       piano

Ken Filiano                bass


curry red lentil soup w/ coconut,



**June 10, 2015 Continuum Culture & Arts, Inc. incorporation date. All Soup & Sound events after this date are programs of Continuum.



June 2, 2015 #58–International Cultural Exchange: Germany, Ireland

Ursel Schlicht            piano (Kassel)

Stephanie Griffin      viola

Catherine Sikora       saxophones (Cork, Ireland)

Josh Sinton                bari saxophone

Francois Grillot         bass

Andrew Drury          drums


Soup: coconut curry w/ lentils, tomatoes, red bell pepper



May 30, 2015 #57

Larry Ochs                saxophones (SF)

Miya Masaoka           koto

Andrew Drury          drums


Aunt Magda’s cold Hungarian cherry soup



May 24, 2015 #56 International Cultural Exchange: Japan/France

KAZE (“wind”)


Satoko Fujii               piano (Japan)

Natsuki Tamura       trumpet (Japan)

Christian Pruvost     trumpet (France)

Peter Orrins               drums (France)


gazpacho soup, potato salad (improvised recipe that was great! Tamari, peas, shredded carrot, toasted sunflower seeds, mayo, potatoes)

Travel from Calgary provided by the French Cultural Fund



May 7, 2015 #55–International Cultural Exchange: UK

Ingrid Laubrock       saxophones

Ken Filiano                bass

Olie Brice                    bass (UK)





April 10, 2015 #54–International Cultural Exchange: Denmark


Jack Wright               saxophones

Joe Moffett                 trumpet         

Ingrid Laubrock       saxophones

Anthony Coleman    piano

Adam Pultz                bass (Denmark)

Michael Evans           percussion

Andrew Drury          percussion






April 4, 2015 #53


Josh Sinton                baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Jon Irabagon             tenor & sopranino saxophones


Kyoko Kitamura       voice

Ingrid Laubrock       saxophones

Ken Filiano                bass

Andrew Drury          floor tom (sat in on 1 piece)



March 20, 2015 #52–International Cultural Exchange: Sweden, Canada


Biggi Vinkeloe           alto saxophone (Sweden)

Steve Swell                 trombone

Ken Filiano                bass

Andrew Drury          drums

Donald Robinson      drums (SF)


Lisa Cay Miller          piano (Vancouver)


Biggi made bread and Swedish cinnamon buns. AD made mushroom soup




March 12, 2015 #51–International Cultural Exchange: Austria


Isabelle Duthoit         voice, clarinet (Vienna)

Franz Hautzinger      trumpet (Vienna)

presented with support of Austrian government


Michael Foster           saxophones

Ben Bennett               percussion


Biggi Vinkeloe made 2 pots of a Swedish root vegetable soup. Signe (friend from Biggi’s band) made a lot of baguettes. I made beef with chilis & mint



Jan 24, 2015 #50

Conjure Fest Night 2


JD Parran                  tenor saxophone, flutes

Andrew Drury          drum set


Alexis Marcelo           piano


Stephen Haynes Music for Mixed Wind Quintet

Stephen Haynes        cornets (Hartford)

Kyoko Kitamura       voice

JD Parran                  multi-winds

Sara Schoenbeck       bassoon

Ben Stapp                  tuba


Chicken/chilis/lime soup (w/ no chicken skin)



Jan 23, 2015 #49

Conjure Fest Night 1


Cristian Amigo’s Deep Ecology Trio

Cristian Amigo          guitar

JD Parran                  multi-reeds

Andrew Drury          drum set


Alexis Marcelo           solo piano


Miya Masaoka           koto

Ken Filiano                bass

Andrew Drury          floor tom


Chicken/chili/lime soup, jicama/mango/avocado salad



Jan 17, 2015 #48–International Cultural Exchange: Switzerland, Germany


Natura Morta

Frantz Loriot                                                 viola (Zurich)

Sean Ali                                                          bass

Carlo Costa                                                   drums


Audrey Chen                                                 voice, cello (Berlin)

Flandrew Fleisenberg                                   percussion (Philadelphia)


Gordon Beeferman’s Other Life Forms

Gordon Beeferman                                       piano, compositions

Stephanie Griffin                                          viola

Pascal Niggenkemper                                   bass

Andrew Drury                                              drums





Nov 16, 2014 #47


Andrea Wolper Mini IP

Andrea Wolper                                             voice

Ken Filiano                                                    bass

Satoshi Takeishi                                            percussion




Nov 11, 2014 #46


Patrick Brennan transparency kestra “Rough Hue”

Patrick Brennan                                            alto saxophone

Gene Coleman                                               flute, alto flute, piccolo

Andrew Drury                                              silent timekeeper

Ken Filiano                                                    bass

Brian Groder                                                 trumpet

Thomas Heberer                                           cornet

Patrick Holmes                                              clarinet

Jason Kao Hwang                                         violin

Yasuno Katsuki                                            euphonium

Richard Keene                                               oboe, soprano sax, sopranino clarinet

David Sidman                                               guitar

Warren Smith                                               marimba


ronin phasing

Patrick Brennan                                            alto saxophone


minestrone w/ okra




Oct 20, 2014 #45


Jeff Young                                                     violin, electronics, egg


Jill Burton                                                      voice/movement (Florida)

Robert Dick                                                   flutes

Shoko Nagai                                                  piano

Andrew Drury                                              floor tom


Mushroom soup, no cream




October 19, 2014 #44–International Cultural Exchange: Germany


Ursel Schlicht                                    piano (Kassel)

Stephanie Griffin                              viola

Josh Sinton                                        low woodwinds

Francois Grillot                                 bass

Andrew Drury                                  drums





October 17, 2014 #43–International Cultural Exchange: Sweden

100110 –Scandinavian Sound Art


Jelena                                                 amplified typewriter (Malmo, Sweden)

Julia                                                    amplified typewriter (Malmo, Sweden)


Jelena                                                 amplified typewriter

Julia                                                    amplified typewriter

Adrian Knight                                   electric guitar

Alice Cohen                                       electric bass

Delia Gonzalez                                   low part of the piano

Andrew Lafkas                                 high part of the piano

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom


Adrian Knight made Indian red lentil soup

Most of the audience performed




October 4, 2014 #42


Jack Wright                                       saxophones (Easton, PA)

Ilan Manuach                                    saxophones (Columbus, OH)

Ben Bennett                                       percussion (Columbus, OH)


Denman Maroney                             piano

James Ilgenfritz                                 bass

Briggan Krauss                                 alto saxophone




October 3, 2014 #41


Jason Kao Hwang’s SING HOUSE

Jason Hwang                                     violin, viola, composer

Steve Swell                                         trombone

Chris Forbes                                      piano

Ken Filiano                                        bass

Andrew Drury                                  drums


Chicken/chili/lime soup, rice, green salad




July 12, 2014 #40–International Cultural Exchange: Mexico


Wilfrido Terrazas                              flutes (Mexico City)

Shoko Nagai                                      piano

James Ilgenfritz                                 bass

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom


Helen’s curry chicken




June 28, 2014 #39–International Cultural Exchange: UK, Austria


Fay Victor                                          voice

Dominic Lash                                    bass (Oxford)

Elisabeth Harnik                               piano (Vienna)


Jack Wright                                       saxophones (Easton, PA)

Patrick Crossland                             trombone (Baltimore)

Andrew Lafkas                                 bass

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom


Curried chicken, green salad




June 13, 2014 #38–International Cultural Exchange: Colombia

Bogota in Brooklyn


Ricardo Gallo                                    piano (Bogota)

Alejandro Florez                               guitar (Bogota/NYC)


Ricardo Arias                                    electronics (Bogota)

Andrew Drury                                  percussion


Curried chicken



June 10, 2014 #37–International Cultural Exchange: Spain

Agusti Fernandez                              piano (Barcelona)

Jane Rigler                                         flute (Colorado)

Andrew Drury                                  percussion


Mushroom soup




2 Groups


Chris Stover

Russ Johnson

Niels Praestholm

Andrew Drury


Mette Rasmussen

Michael Foster

Pascal Niggenkemper

Han-earl Park




May 15, 2014 #35



Christian Asplund                            piano, electronics (Provo, UT)

Lara Canland                                    poetry, voice (Provo, UT)


Christian Asplund Ghost Speech Trio

Christian Asplund                            piano (Provo, UT)

Jessica Lurie                                      alto saxophone

Ken Filiano                                        bass

Andrew Drury                                  drums


Mushroom soup




May 3, 2014 #34

Avram Fefer                                      alto/soprano saxophone

Daniel Levin                                      cello (Connecticut)

Mike Bisio                                          bass   

Andrew Drury                                  drum set


Chicken soup with limes, chilis, and chayote



April 29  Steinway L grand piano arrives



April 24, 2014 #33

Poetry Series


John M Bennett                                poet (Columbus, OH)

Steve Dalachinsky                             poet

Bruce Andrews                                 poet

Sarah Bernstein                                poet/violin

Jack Wright                                       saxophones (Easton, PA)

Jen Baker                                           trombone

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom

+ Mark Bloch                                     cameo poem


1) John M Bennett, Jack Wright  2) Bruce Andrews, Andrew Drury 3) Steve Dalachinsky 4) Sarah Bernstein, Jen Baker, Andrew Drury 5) Bruce Andrews, Jen Baker 6) John M Bennett, Mark Bloch 7) John M Bennett, Bruce Andrews 8) everyone





April 3, 2014 #32–International Cultural Exchange: Argentina, Ireland, Spain


Javier Areal Velez                             prepared guitar, electronics (Buenos Aires)

Jack Wright                                       alto & soprano saxophones

Han-earl Park                                    guitar (Cork, Ireland)

Luis Tabuenca                                  percussion/drum set (Burgos, Spain)

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom, drum set


Mushroom (veg—except for the cream)



March 15, 2014 #31–International Cultural Exchange: Sweden


Katt Hernandez                                 violin (Stockholm)

Daniel Karlsson                                 guitar w/ ring modulator (Stockholm)

Ludvig Elblaus                                  modular synth (Stockholm)

Erik Calalv                                        bass clarinet (Stockholm)


Ras Moshe                                         tenor saxophone, flute

Shayna Dulberger                             bass


Chili (vegan)



March 1, 2014 #30


Content Provider (debut performance)

Briggan Krauss                                 alto saxophone

Ingrid Laubrock                               tenor/soprano saxophones

Brandon Seabrook                           guitar

Andrew Drury                                  drum set/compositions


Minestrone + Thai beef with mint




February 7, 2014 #29



Frank Lacy                                        trombone, flumpet, gongs

Kevin Ray                                          bass

Andrew Drury                                  drum set, percussion




January 31, 2014 #28


Telepathic Television

Robert Dick                                       flutes

Joshue Ott                                         software generated visual projections

Andrew Drury                                  percussion




January 12, 2014 #27


Soup & Sound hosts Conjure Collective Student Performance

JD Parran                                          reeds

Cristian Amigo                                  guitar

Alexis Marcelo                                   piano

Andrew Drury                                  drum set

+ Conjure Collective students




December 13, 2013 Soup & Sound #26–International Cultural Exchange: Denmark


Michael Gregory Jackson                 guitar (Maine)

Simon Spang-Hansson                     saxophones (Copenhagen)

Andrew Drury                                  drums


Phillip Greenlief                                 tenor saxophone (California)

Andrew Drury                                  drums






November 21, 2013 Soup & Sound #25–International Cultural Exchange: UK


Ben Wright                                        bass (Taos, NM)

Jack Wright                                       saxophones (Easton, PA)

Joe Moffett                                         trumpet

Jonathan Moritz                               saxophones

Han Earl Park                                   guitar (Ireland, last NYC performance)

Vivienne Corringham                       voice/electronics (UK)

Dan Peck                                            tuba

Michael Evans                                   percussion

Sean Ali                                              bass

Andrew Drury                                  percussion





November 8, 2013 Soup & Sound #24–International Cultural Exchange: Netherlands


Jaap Blonck                                       voice (Amsterdam)

Fay Victor                                          voice

Dan Peck                                            tuba

Brian Osborne                                   drums

Joe Moffett                                         trumpet

Ben Gerstein                                      trombone

Sean Ali                                              bass

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom




October 17, 2013 Soup & Sound #23–International Cultural Exchange: Norway, New Zealand


Chris Cochrane                                 guitar

David Watson                                   guitar (New Zealand/NYC)

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom


Mette Rasmussen                              alto saxophone (Trondheim, Norway)

Michael Foster                                   tenor/soprano saxophone

Pascal Niggenkemper                       bass




July 27, 2013 Soup & Sound #22


Paul Austerlitz                                   bass clarinet

Josh Sinton                                        contrabass clarinet

JD Parran                                          contralto clarinet, etc.          

Daniel Carter                                     saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet

Jonas Tauber                                    bass

Andrew Drury                                  percussion




July 17, 2013, Soup & Sound #21


Jill Burton                                          voice/movement (Florida)

Susan Hefner                                     dance

Michael Evans                                   percussion

Dan Peck                                            tuba

Andrew Drury                                  percussion

Cedar Drury                                      dance




April , 2013, Soup & Sound #20–International Cultural Exchange: Australia


Lloyd Honeybrook                            alto sax & electronics (Melbourne, Australia)

Michael Foster                                   tenor & soprano saxophones

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom + objects




April 11, 2013, Soup & Sound #19–International Cultural Exchange: UK, Ireland


Piotr Michalowski                             alto flute, bass clarinet (Ann Arbor)

Dominic Lash                                    bass (Oxford, UK)

Han Earl Park                                   guitar/electronics (Ireland)

Joe Moffett                                         trumpet

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom

Jason Kao Hwang                             violin




March 12, 2013 Soup & Sound #18


Jack Wright                           alto/soprano saxophones

Chris Cochrane                     electric guitar

Doug Theriault                      prepared guitar/max msp (Portland, Oregon)

Andrew Drury                      floor tom




January 2013—Soup & Sound #17

*cancelled because Jason got a bad flu


Jason Stein                            bass clarinet (Chicago)

Jack Wright                           saxophones (Easton, PA)

Ben Bennett                           percussion (Columbus)

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects




December 6, 2012 Soup & Sound #16


Briggan Krauss                     alto saxophone and video


Hans Tammen                       modular synthesizer

Jonas Tauber                        electric bass

Andrew Drury                      drum set




Sept 26, 2012 Soup & Sound #15–International Cultural Exchange: Germany


Gunnar Lettow                     electronics (Hamburg)

Gary Rouzer                          electronics (DC)




Sept 23, 2012, Soup & Sound #14


Robert Dick                           piccolo, flute, alto flute, contra bass flute

Andrew Drury                      floor tom




June 24, 2012, Soup & Sound #13


Jack Wright                                       saxophones

Jonathan Moritz                               tenor saxophone

Ben Wright                                        bass (Taos)

Bradford Reed                                  pencilina

Andrew Drury                                  floor tom


Thai beef with chilis and mint





June 7, 2012 Soup & Sound #12–International Cultural Exchange: Ireland


First set

Adrian Knight                       electronics

Chris Cerrone                       electronics


Second set

Han Earl Park                       guitar (Ireland)

Andrew Drury                      floor tom




May 30, 2012, Soup & Sound #11–International Cultural Exchange: Netherlands


Dana Jessen                           bassoon (Amsterdam)

David Watson                       bagpipes

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects





May 26, 2012 Soup & Sound #10–International Cultural Exchange: Denmark


First set

Tom Blancarte                       bass


Second set

Louise D. E. Jensen              voice/alto saxophone (Denmark)

Andrew Drury                      drum set/voice




May 16, 2012 Soup & Sound #9


First set:  Lalage:

Christian Asplund                viola/electronics (Utah)

Lara Canland                        poetry/electronics (Utah)


Second set

Dafna Naphtali                     voice/electronics

Andrew Drury                      floor tom




Sept 28, 2011 Soup & Sound #8–International Cultural Exchange: UK, Spain


First set

Ricardo Tejero                      alto saxophone/clarinet (Madrid/London)

Dominic Lash                        bass (Oxford)


Second set

Jason Mears                          alto saxophone/clarinet

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects




June 6, 2011, Soup & Sound #7–International Cultural Exchange: Germany


Jane Rigler                             piccolo, quarter tone flute, alto flute (Colorado)

Sarah Bernstein                    violin

Ursel Schlicht                        keyboard (Kassel)

Shoko Nagai                          keyboard/accordion

Sara Schoenbeck                   bassoon

Reuben Radding                   bass

Hans Tammen                       endangered guitar

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects




March 23, 2011 #6–International Cultural Exchange: Spain


Wade Matthews                    laptop synthesis (Madrid)

Reuben Radding                   bass

Andrew Drury                      floor tom




Feb 19, 2011–Soup & Sound #5


Thomson Kneeland              bass


Khabu Doug Young                         ukulele

Elena Camerin                      voice




November 30, 2010–Soup & Sound #4–International Cultural Exchange: France, Germany


Xavier Lopez                         electronics (Paris)


Michael Thieke                      clarinet (Berlin)

Nate Wooley                          trumpet *cancelled due to illness

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects




Sept 12, 2010– Soup & Sound #3–International Cultural Exchange: Switzerland


Dragos Tara                          bass/elecronics (Lausanne, Switzerland

Andrea Parkins                     electronics/accordion

Reuben Radding                   bass

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects




June 19, 2010–Soup & Sound #2


Andrew Drury’s KJOSA

Kyoko Kitamura                   voice

Jason Kao Hwang                 violin

Oscar Noriega                        bass clarinet

Jen Baker                               trombone

Andrew Drury                      drum set/composer




November 22, 2009–Soup & Sound #1


Briggan Krauss                     alto saxophone

Chris Speed                           tenor saxophone



Jack Wright                           alto, soprano saxophone

Reuben Radding                   bass

Andrew Drury                      floor tom + objects