Soup & Sound


Audience, 2015


Soup & Sound is a house concert series and a record label, a single entity that presents music, both live and recorded, as well as its relatives in sympathetic media and areas of the arts and humanities.

Both Soup & Sound House Concerts and Soup & Sound Recordings are programs of Continuum Culture & Arts, Inc. a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization.

The Soup & Sound House Concert series has presented over 90 house concerts featuring hundreds of great musicians from around the world including Howard Johnson, Jay Clayton, Agusti Fernandez, Jaap Blonck, Satoko Fujii, Biliana Voutchkova, Seungmin Cha, Jack Wright, Kris Davis, Tomeka Reid, Joe McPhee, Shelley Hirsch, Robert Dick, Steve Swell, and many more.

Soup & Sound Recordings is going to change to Different Track Recordings in 2018–stay tuned for details. The new label will feature physical CDs and digital downloads of Soup & Sound performances and much more.

Our first release, Andrew Drury’s Content Provider was chosen as one of the “Top Ten CDs of 2015” by NYC Jazz Record editor Andrey Henin. Stay tuned for more cds, digital releases, and video to come.

Art and food are both central to a thriving human existence. Soup combines ingredients in fluid relationships, and is a collective expression of flavor and nourishment. Boundaries dissolve, individual identities blend yet maintain distinction. Soup creates community, gives warmth. The same is true for music.